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Rep. Har speaking to UH West Oahu pre-law club about the practice of law versus being a lawmaker.

Since being elected in 2006, Rep. Har has introduced and co-introduced numerous bills which have become law.  Below are some of her legislative accomplishments.

Legislative Accomplishments, 2007 — 2014

Consumer Protection (HB776) Makes it an unfair or deceptive act or practice in trade or commerce for a ticket broker to fail to disclose fees charged when a consumer uses a credit card to purchase tickets. Requires brokers to refund all service fees paid when an event is cancelled. Signed into law 6/15/07.

As part of Rep. Har's initiative in getting information out to the community  Rep. Har and other West Oahu legislators sponsored a Transportation Town Hall meeting at Kapolei High in June 2011.

Education (HB777) Expands the Hawaii Educator loan forgiveness program to recruit and retain qualified teachers in hard-to-fill positions and in schools in rural areas. Became law 7/10/07.

Rep. Har in finance committee hearings on the state budget in April 2011.

Smart Growth Development (HB2523) Requires the Land Use Commission to consider county general plans or development plans when reclassifying lands to ensure development is done in accordance with county general and development plans. Signed into law 4/22/08.

Copper Theft (HB2589) Requires scrap dealers and recyclers to pay for copper purchases by check in order to deter copper theft. Signed into law 5/22/08.

On March 19, 2011, Rep. Har sponsored a community graffiti paint out day. Over 80 community members participated.

Job Creation in Kapolei (HB2739) Provides businesses located within an enterprise zone a declining tax credit for seven years, with an agreement to increase employment by 10% annually. New businesses get a three-year tax credit and are not required to increase employ-ment until the 4th—7th years, in which employment must increase by 15% annually. Signed into law 6/5/08.

Military (HB2605) Exempts the vehicle weight tax for one noncommercial vehicle registered to an active member of the National Guard, military reserve, or armed service, including the Coast Guard. Signed into law 6/5/08.

Rep. Har speaking on the floor of the House on May 3, 2012 in support of HB304 which provided funding for many programs including the Malama Learning Center in Kapolei.

Drunk Driving (HB3377) Requires the installation of an ignition interlock device on the vehicle of a person arrested for driving under the influence. Signed into law 6/13/08; effective 1/1/11.

Transportation Infrastructure (SB715) Ensures balanced transportation planning between State and Counties and contains recommendations of the 2007 Task Force on Smart Growth Development, of which Rep. Har was Chair. Signed into law 4/30/09.

Rep. Har and Rep. Cullen present a certificate from the House at the opening of the Warrior Ohana Medical Center in Kalaeloa on April 20, 2011.

HOV/Zipper Lanes (SB714) Allows all motor vehicles, regardless of number of persons on board, to use HOV/zipper lanes when one or more lanes have been shut down by law en-forcement officers or emergency services personnel due to accidents. Signed into law 6/1/09.

POW-MIA Flag (HB2383) Recognizes and honors the extraordinary heroism of the brave men and women who risked or sacrificed their lives or their freedom in the past, as well as those who place their lives in harm’s way on a daily basis in Afghanistan and Iraq, by flying the Prisoner of War and Missing in Action (POW/MIA) flag at the State Capitol and state department of defense headquarters on six holidays – Armed Forces Day; Memorial Day; Flag Day; July 4th; National POW-MIA Recognition Day; and Veterans Day. Signed into law 4/20/10.

Efficeint Government (HB 1505) Allows the State of Hawaii to sell state buildings for private development for repair and maintenance without the need for government bonds, while allowing the state to earn revenue via ground leases. Signed into law 7/12/11.

Rep. Har sponsored a UH West Oahu town hall meeting on Sept. 9, 2011, providing residents with a preview of what programs, courses and degrees will be offered at the new campus.

West Oahu Public Safety (HB 1953) Appropriates funds to increase on-call availability of EMS and ambulance serviecs in Leeward Oahu to compensate for the closure of the emergency room at Hawaii Medical Center - West. Signed into law June 2012.

Drunk Driving (HB 2320) Requires repeat offenders and those with lifetime revocations to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles. Signed into law June 2012.

HOV/Zipper Lanes (HB 2684) Requires the Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct a study on expanding the Zipper Lane to Kapolei. Signed into law June 2012.

Infrastructure Funds Secured for the 40th & 42nd Districts

As a member of the Finance Committee from 2007 to 2012, Representative Har has worked hard to secure vital funds for infrastructure projects benefiting our district, including:


Oahu Bikeways (FY14-15) $11,932,000
North/South Road Extension (FY09-10, 12, 14-15) $45,001,000
North/South Road (FY07) $55,000,000
H-1 PM Zipperlane (FY07 & 09) $60,000,000
Fort Barrette Road Widening (FY07 & 08) $20,200,000
East-West Collector Road (FY07) $17,225,000
H-1 Kapolei Interchange Improvements (FY11-12, 14-15) $30,508,000
H-1 Kunia Interchange Improvements (FY09) $780,000
TOTAL $240,646,000


Infrastructure and Agriculture

Thermophillic Biodigester (FY15) $950,000
Kunia Agricultural Park (FY07 & 12) $1,250,000
Kapolei Judiciary Complex (FY07 & 08) $34,425,000
Honouliuli Internment Camp (FY12) $100,000
Waiahole Water Systems Improvements (FY11 & 12) $3,000,000
Waiahole Reservoir Improvements (FY08, 09 & 10) $6,458,000


University of Hawaii @ West Oahu (UHWO)

Allied Health Building (FY14-15) $28,800,000
Science, Technology & Creative Media Building (FY15) $2,000,000
Road B Construction (FY14) $3,500,000
Initial Construction (FY07, 10-12) $190,695,000



Barbers Point Elementary School (FY10) $1,126,000
East Kapolei High School (FY11, 12 & 15) $8,300,000
East Kapolei Middle School (FY11) $2,500,000
Island Pacific Academy (FY08, Special Purpose Revenue Bond) $30,000,000
Kalei'op'uu Elementary School (FY07, 10 & 12) $1,910,000
Kapolei II Elementary School (FY09 & 12) $43,520,000
Kapolei High School (FY12) $4,465,000
Makakilo Elementary School (FY12) $375,000
Mauka Lani Elementary School (FY07 & 09) $925,000
Royal Kunia Elementary School (FY12) $150,000



Kapolei Community Development Corporation (FY2014) $1,150,000
Special Olympics Hawaii (FY11) $1,500,000
Seagull Schools Preschool (FY11) $300,000
Kapolei High School Malama Learning Center (FY12) $400,000
Kapolei High School Malama Learning Center (FY07 & 08) $775,000
Kipuka INPEACE Project (FY09) $1,500,000
Easter Seals Napuakea Service Center (FY09) $275,000
Easter Seals Hawaii (FY07) $1,000,000
Salvation Army Kroc Community Center (FY07) $1,500,000
American Box Car Racing International (FY07) $75,000
Makakilo Baptist Church Preschool (FY08) $200,000


Kalaeloa/Barbers Point

Kalaeloa East Energy Corridor (FY12) $3,500,000
National Guard Renovation of Building 117 (FY11 & 12) $41,876,000
29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Readiness Center (FY11 & 12) $33,900,000
Barbers Point Harbor Fuel Pier Facility Improvements (FY12) $2,000,000
Barbers Point Harbor Improvements (FY09-10 & 12) $50,300,000
Barbers Point Harbor Channel and Turning Basin Improvements (FY09 & 10) $1,500,000
Barbers Point Harbor (FY08) $6,600,000
Kalaeloa Airport Facility Improvements (FY07, 09 & 10) $28,955,000
Kalaeloa Building 19 Restoration (FY09 & 10) $5,900,000
Kalaeloa Safety Improvements (FY07 & 08) $1,350,000
Pacific Aerospace Training Center, Hangar 111 (FY07) $3,288,000
Mail Distribution Center, Kalaeloa (FY09 & 10) $1,175,000


Representative Har in the Community

On March 3, 2011, students from Mauka Lani's Ohana Council visit Rep. Har at the Capitol.
Each year, Rep. Har participates as a coach for students at IPA particpating in the We The People Competition.

In addition to her work at the legislature advocating for essential funding and passing legislation that positively impacts the community, Representative Har has worked hard on many other projects that have made our community a better place to live, work and play over the last six years. Some of these achievements include:

  • Leading the grassroots effort to keep the Kapolei Post Office open
  • Graffiti paint-out projects
  • Bringing Kama`aina Kids to Kapolei
  • Negotiating with the Navy to lease the bowling center and recreational fields in Kalaeloa for public use
  • Resolving issues on Kapolei Parkway, allowing motorists and school buses to utilize alternate roads
  • Advising various religious organizations on land use issues and securing sites for future construction
  • Assisting residents with dust claims
  • Soliciting renewable energy companies to bring business to Kapolei
  • Participating in Read-Aloud and Career Days at all of our District 40 schools